Friday, November 30, 2007

Tag Box

As you probably know by now I often get sidetracked by a stamping project while I should be paying attention to another worthwhile, yet not crafty, endeavour. Such is the case with this little box that is holding my package tags.

I was in the carpool line the other day thumbing through the latest issue of Papercrafts Magazine (at this rate I will be finished with it sometime around February of 2009). I saw that someone had made a little box for their tags and since I had just made all my tags with that --- have I mentioned it today -- fabulous Tags for All set that is actually on sale now -- I figured I'd go home and whip up a box myself!

I went to my "alter me someday" box (which is camouflaged as toy storage -- shhhh and don't tell Joe!) and pulled out this little white lunch tin. Then it was off to the "craft with me someday" paper stash (you can tell him, this he has seen!)-- and I spotted some of last year's Stampin' Up! "Holiday Thyme" Designer Paper.

A few coordinated (naturally) scraps later, my "Big Deal" alphabet, assorted ribbon, a Jumbo eyelet (can you say Crop-a-dile?) and some Old Olive ink and I was done. It is holding all my finished gift tags plus tape and scissors. A spiffy addition to the wrapping station if I do say so myself.

Only problem is now that it's done I actually have to wrap. Unless I can design something you can roll around in ink and glitter to hold wrapping paper... Hmmmmmmm...

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