Monday, July 14, 2008

A Library of Memories


Since you have to have a "little" project while waiting for the new Stampin' Up! catalog year to begin I decide to organize all the pictures I have ever taken. Really.

If you know Joe, then you know that my photos are all in containers and behind closed doors. The only problem is he just likes things put away -- he is not interested in grouping like items together. (I'm funny that way. The coffee supplies are in the cabinet directly above the coffeemaker. The ziploc sandwich and snack size bags are just below where I pack lunches. That kind of thing.) So imagine my horror when I discovered multiple containers of photos stashed around the garage. They were in cabinets and things -- but spread out everywhere. And I never would have made the connection that a box he marked "garage pics" was in fact a box of boxes of pictures he was storing in the garage. I have walked past it for 2 years thinking it was pictures OF the garage without processing it fully.

But I digress.

Since I am a Stacy Julian devotee -- think Big Picture Scrapbooking -- think Simple Scrapbooking -- I knew that her latest work Photo Freedom was just what I needed to corral my out of hand photographs and make them into a system. So that when I am inspired by great supplies or pictures in the new catalog to create a memory item or a scrapbook page I will know where to find the photos. And they won't be subjected to the humidity of the garage.

So I took Joe by the hand and together we scored all the known photos in our home. Just as Stacy says I piled them all in one place. (The dining room. He nearly died. I like the table space.) Then I began the process of sorting and more importantly friends, PURGING. (Why oh why did I ever order all those doubles? And who needed 14,000 pictures of my three cats??? Why keep photos of boyfriends from way back???) I tackled the 1990's first. When I was done the boxes had melted down into a few piles and multiple trash bags were full. I tied them and ran them outside quickly so as not to be tempted to go back through them. I have one album of photos ready to be scrapbooked. And I am making dividers for my 4 storage drawers to keep pictures I might work with again. I am already feeling so much better!

I am tackling 2000 next which is a different animal because that includes digital. I take too many pictures -- I don't edit enough -- don't print enough -- and save too many. Heck, I've got one hard drive stashed in a closet with 11,000 pictures on it! Wish me luck.
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Robin said...

You're my motivation. :)
On my first official day of full scale kindergarten,I treated myself to some 'retail therapy' at Archiver's and bought the S. Julien book as well. I'm through Chapter 1 and making my list of supplies - what I already have and what is on my dream list - and thinking of those colored albums....sighhh! Christmas just got easy for me :)

Wish me luck. Photo gathering will start shortly. Fortunately, there's a clean dining room table just waiting for me.


Marilyn Goodrich said... be motivated enough to start such a big project! Wish I was there too, but alas, I'm still in denial about the millions of pictures hiding in who knows what corner of my home. Good luck with your endeavor! I'll live vicariously through you - be sure to share your progress! :)

Hillary said...

LOL - I too am working my way through it. . .a quick project is the school of life file box - one trip to Target, one round-trip through the house to gather papers and viola - done. Easy.