Sunday, July 08, 2007

The new catalog and I are back and ready to dive into all this new stuff. While we were away I thumbed through it every chance I got. This is my Catalogue Travelogue....

Here we are at a gas/lottery stop in South Hill, Virginia.

Or after lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Frederick, Maryland.

On the banks of the Susquehanna River in Wormleysburg, Pa.

And after my "Long Run" on City Island in Harrisburg.

It's loaded with good stuff! I can't wait to show you around....

(P.S. I'd like to thank my 5 year old chief photographer for supplying the photos along the way. She has so much more Stampin' enthusiasm than say -- her father!)

1 comment:

Tandra said...

HA! These are hilarious!!You should scrap these pics!! Use pgs of an old catty for background!!
Great photographer too!