Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pretty Fair Stampin'!

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I'm turning our blue ribbon stampin' these days! I picked up one blue ribbon and one second place ribbon at the North Carolina State Fair. The winners are entirely made from Stampin' Up! products. (I get them back in a week when the Fair closesd, and I will post some closer pictures.)

Entering the competition was one of those things I would think about every year when I walked through the exhibits, and then never actually do anything about. This year I kept up with the registration deadline, filled out the forms, and carried my entries in past the Security Guard who "reckoned I didn't look like no terrorist".

There's a lot to love about NC!


Hillary said...

he clearly doesn't know you well. . .LOL - congrats again!


Robin C said...

We saw live and in person at the fair - it was lovely!!! Andersen says congratulations on your ribbons.